Imagine for a moment that YOU are in your home and you have always enjoyed the freedoms of living your life the way you want to.  The way God intended.

Then imagine for yourself for a moment that near your house, trappers set lures which you cannot resist.  So you end up trapped in a small cage.  Compared to the wide expanses you are used to living in and all your freedoms,  this is like being locked in one tiny little "bathroom" sized place.  Everything that you used to know is now gone - you are removed fromyour house and everything you know,  never to see it again.    Someone has intentions of selling you and exporting you to a strange land, to be transferred to another "bathroom" sized cage.  Other "trapper" -like monsters will take you to another tiny space, where you will become entirely dependent upon them for everything you need to sustain your life.  It's like being in jail.

The life you have just imagined for yourself is one that in fact a reality for many birds that are imported into the United States each year.  You can help put the "trappers" out of business by not purchasing imported birds.  Buy from reputable local breeders.   And donate generously to preservation societies.

Thank you.