Single singers are kept quite well in small to medium sized cages.  However, two housed together should be provided an ample cage of at least 2 x 2 x 2 feet.  It is highly recommended that two or more males not be housed in the same cage, as they have been known to become agressive and it has been reported that they can and sometimes do "fight to the death".  Singers should not be kept with any other species if cage is not considerably large, though the author of this page has successfully housed in medium-small cages with Canaries and Zebra finches, with no apparent problems other than minor territorialism, and of course, lack of breeding.    Singers do quite well in most all areas when housed in very large mixed flights, but have been reported to be particularly agressive toward Black Hooded Red Siskins and the young of other species..
They can be kept outdoors but must be kept away from drafts, wind, rain, etc.  There has been a recent report that anything below 40 degrees is risky and unfortunately there have been some recent losses of birds at 38 degrees fahrenheit. Blinds, roofing, and covering at night should be carefully considered.  Heaters, reptile rocks, heat lamps are also recommended in the winter months.

Indoors, full spectrum lighting is desirable, but not necessary, unless kept in a darker room.

Again, they highly value their privacy.  Greenery in around the cage area is highly desirable.  Being around the vicinity of other Serin type birds such as Canaries can stimulate breeding.

Baths should be offered daily if possible.

Of the two types of singers, large and small, the large should be paired to large and small to small, as it appears they do not appreciate the differences in sizes.

Their cheerful song and lively manner will brighten any house or flight.