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    10 Minute Love Song
wrote this song, complete with full melody, while driving in my car down a desert road, on the back of a beauty store catalog coupon. I amaze myself, for now, not only can I do art, dance, and be a secretary, but now I can write songs and dodge Mack construction trucks at the same time ... Ha! ... Many talents have I.

By far, this is the fastest piece I've ever written. This has got to be one of my favorites of all time. So, you (ALL OVER THE WORLD), out there, somewhere, I want you to see this. And then one day, you can say, "She wrote these about me!". Best of all it's from the heart...

Copyright 7/9/03
Lisa V.

I do smile
When I think about the time with you
Having troubles make-believing that we're through

I want you back
I want you back
One more time
One more night

No questions
No talk
No goodbyes
Just you and I
Doing what we love to do

My darling
Still want you
I really do
I want you back.

One more time
One more chance
Some way
I'd take you back

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