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                            FOR YOURSELF...

                            This is what Delilah taught in Hollywood last August.  This is excellent for computer junkies as well as dancers.
                            Do this for at least 10 minutes each day.  Your upper back and neck will feel alot better.

                            Take your Arms, and raise them up over your head.  Stretch and extend all the way from the base of your shoulder blades,
                            to the very ends of your finger tips.  Delilah says to reach up and stretch all the way, as if you are ready to pull the moon down
                            from the sky.  (She looks up as if she is pulling down the moon.)  Hold this this pose for as long as you can, but really
                            concentrate on feeling the full range of the stretch-- from your shoulder blades all the way to your fingers - EXTEND.
                            This will open up your entire chest cavity.  Remember to breathe.   Delilah, extends the stretch so much that her muscles
                            actually have started to release energy - her arms and hands actually twitch as if they were alive on their own.  Try to stretch
                            yourself to see how far you have to extend before your muscles are actually almost jumping out of you and reaching for the sky.
                            This takes practice.  It is TRULY a full range stretch!  Try to imagine that the inner parts of your upper arms are in
                            line with your ears.

                            Now repeat this process with your arms extended out to the side, instead of up to the sky.  Feel a full range of stretch out to
                            the sides as if someone is pulling both of your arms.

                            After this, try to go for a walk.  Walk as if your feet are grounded with the earth, feeling the gravitational pull in your lege
                            with each step.  Middle Eastern dance is an earth dance -- if you can walk and feel the heaviness of each step in each leg all the
                            way up to your hips, you are already halfway to better, cleaner hip movements, or just plain old better balance and posture.